Monday, November 16, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

TCNJ Art Gallery Exhibition

The name of the exhibition is Distortions and the pieces clearly emphasize this by experimenting with many social and political ideas and technologies. Marcela Armas's Resistance comments on the conflict present at the Mexican/U.S border. Her work consists of many wires with a central heat coil. This coil is shaped like the border and becomes bright orange when the viewer approaches. It presents an awareness of a very real situation between the U.S and Mexico. It evokes a feeling of tension.

Armas's piece has a boundary line to protect viewers from touching the dangerous heat coil. In a way it correlates with her subject. A meaning that suggests you shouldn't cross, but then questions: why not? Her work is different in that it is very hostile. When we think of sculpture or work similar to this, we want to go and approach it - to touch it. The piece breaks away from traditional mounted works. Because of this, the work is terrifyingly beautiful.